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Data Vault Modeling Exercise: Deep Dive

Posted 17/1/2020

This exercise has been created for the Data Modeling Meetup Munich (DM3).

It works best with small groups (3 to 5 people). If possible, split your team into multiple groups (2 to 4). Then, you can discuss and compare the results from the different groups afterwards.

By  Wellbeach Dive Resort [CC BY-SA], via Wikimedia Commons

 Case Study

Deep Dive is a successful diving course provider on a remote tropical island close to atolls and coral reefs that make for perfect diving spots. The company serves all kinds of clients, from professional divers wanting to improve their skills over well-to-do families looking for a special vacation to adventurous backpackers that have to work for Deep Dive to pay their time under water. The diving spots around the island differ in size and difficulty, making them suitable for various courses for different audiences.

Possible Core Business Concepts

  • Boat
  • Course
  • Diving Spot
  • Employee
  • Equipment
  • Hotel
  • Visitor


As a group, create the backbone of a data vault model (hubs and links) for Foodbike on a whiteboard or flipchart. Use the list of possible core business concepts as inspiration for your hubs. Take 10 to 15 minutes.